V0.90 Update

Last day of July and another hot day… Mac doing well during hot temperatures!

Began uploading the new worlds into Sir Bit to create the full version. I do hope the lite version gets through the App store and that there’s no major issues. I guess we’ll find out soon enough once we post it to the store on Tuesday.

Almost implemented World 3 into Sir Bit (Unicode Mountains). Quite interesting with the caves and warping all over each map. The new snail (Seeking Snail) adds a new challenge to the map and I’ve added a few areas where it’s hard to get rid of the snails (cleverness is required). Began adding the first ‘fog of war’ element to the game with floating clouds in the foreground. Makes things a bit harder to see and will have the user ‘guessing’ at each corner.

Added one more thing to the BETA version. Added a money reward for each level for finding all the ‘$’ within each level. Gives user additional money (ie. $40)… it’s like having 3 stars that are present in most puzzle iPhone games.

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I Dub Thee….Sir Bit!

Official app name for ‘Fast Snail’ has been changed to ‘Sir Bit’. Decided that the title had too much to do with the enemy rather than the main character.

Got all audio sound effects and music from composer and implemented them into the game. Now it has a 8-bit gamey feel, response has been great amongst testers!

Added the following for beta release :
- 7 page instruction page (swipe to move thru it)
- an entire World map (8 worlds)
- animated Main Menu (of fast snail chasing Sir Bit)
- now enemies give you more than just $1… ie. fast snail = $2, dragon = $5, giantfly = $3 (I did this because it took a long time to save up for some water shoes!)

Getting pretty close to finishing the LITE version. Full version will be pretty easy to build as it will only require some more map building and some new world tiles. And then more testing!

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V0.81 Updates: Fast Snail

So from now on, I will be referring levels on a numerical basis… ie. World 1 (Alpha Forest), Level 2 would be level 102.

Finally got the general store installed… 3 of them in levels 103, 201, and 203. The general store in 103, will feature just a heart and a potion. The store in 201, will have the above and a hit lotion. Then in 203, the water boots can be bought which will open up the rest of the previous maps, causing the player to backtrack to find more treasure!

Added extra checkpoints in maps 202 and 203, should make it a bit easier to breathe. With the general stores, should make it even easier.

Hit Lotion currently can withstand 30 hits max and then disappears. Added 3 phases to the Hit Lotion icon on the interface bar above… will change color and level of purple fluid with each 10 hits.

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Snail Speed in Fast Snail

So over the weekend, I did some testing to why the levels got a bit sluggish in World 2. Isolated it to the Update method located in World201.m where the Fast Snails were performing collision checks with each other. I’m going to find a better way to collision check as checking against each other (40 snails) is a performance hog.

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Money in the Game

When I had designed the levels, I purposely made it harder to find hearts and money as you progressed. Sure, money can be earned by defeating enemies, but not as available compared to the very first level. This has made the levels more difficult, but after going through the levels last night, I did find it frustrating that I was trying to finish World 2 with just one heart. In light of Andrew’s comments that he couldn’t find a reason to collect $, I will implement a ‘general store’ where you have a chance to buy items that you can use anytime during a level. Some items I’ve thought about are :

Single Hearts $10 – restores one heart automatically, meaning you cannot carry them on you and use them later… used upon purchase

Health Potions $50 – full restores all 3 hearts, maximum 2 you can carry at a time, not used upon purchase

Portable Checkpoint $200 – if you want to desperately save, you can save anywhere (but Nul’s room)… one time use only

Hit Lotion $300 - each hit by enemy will cost you only 1/2 a heart – once you buy it, it’s yours forever

Disguise $400 – disguise yourself as a Fast Snail! – Fast Snails won’t chase you, but once the disguise takes 3 hits by other enemies, it falls apart… you can remove it and put it on anytime (use it wisely, like in areas of high snail traffic)

Water Boots $600 – you can buy them or just find them in a secret location… hopefully with the high price, one will just look for them!

Any other suggestions greatly appreciated, just reply to this post!

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06 July 2011- FastSnail-v0.81

Fast Snail v0.81 ready for download and testing!


pw : ascii

Finally got Worlds 1 and 2 fully installed (and yes, I’ve went through and completed them… and also defeated two wizards!). Total are 8 levels with a new enemy-entity, Superfish. Superfish adds a new challenge to the maps as it sprays acid one block ahead of you, so if you are running, you’ll get hurt. Had Superfish emerge from the water and spray 5-6 times before it descended back in… found it quite annoying and time consuming, so I reduced it to just one. You are allowed to advance once you see the green acid disappear!

Found World2 levels (Decimal Lake) to be a bit sluggish, going to investigate the update methods and also look into memory management (check to see if there are leaks). Might be Superfish’s fault!

Also included in this version :

New key graphics (changed from music notes into skeleton key designs)

Nul the Wizard will no longer chase you in Alpha Forest, Nul’s Castle (level 4) if you leave the room after you decisively freak out and leave the room.

Stuff to be worked on :

Intro story + ‘Are you sure?’ prompt when user presses ‘New Game’ when they already have an existing saved game.

Implementing a ‘general store’ so the user can spend money!

Controls still need work, one press sometimes causes player to go two spaces, which could be lethal in levels that need precision movement.


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Fast Snail : Keys and music

I just figured out that the music note icons are keys – could they be something else instead? Since they are music notes, they make me think they have something to do with music.

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version 0.8 is now available for testing

What’s in this new version :
1.) different ‘NEW GAME’ and ‘CONTINUE’ button arrangement for the main menu
2.) title cards for each level you get to
3.) 4 complete levels (that’s one whole world)
4.) the 4th level now has an evil wizard you have to defeat!
5.) there’s a princess in the end to thank you for defeating the wizard!

pw: ascii

I left the controls to ‘tap’ rather than a ‘swipe’ to control the player for now and you’ll see how precision in movement will be important as the levels progress (ie. level 4 in the castle).

Give it a go and beta test it!  Need to know if it crashes and try to remember how it happened.  Try saving it, and then reloading it OFTEN to see if the data did get saved exactly or not.  Anything weird or anything you guys dislike is great feedback.

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28 June 2011 – Developer’s Post

Today we decided to rename the APP from “Ascii World” to “Fast Snail”. Despite the “Fast Snail” not being the main character of the game, it does play the important role of being able to eliminate the other enemies, including itself. Not too far from releasing a beta version for the testers to try.

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